Nearly 300 participants have already joined the Clear. Nutrition program. On average, each participant collected over 1400 data points during the program, including glucose measurements and logged meals and exercises. We gladly give you some insight in our database and, in contrast to all serious news reports over the last weeks, provide you with some lighthearted facts.

Everyone responds differently to foods. [Clear.]( helps to understand your body’s unique response to what you eat. Exploration of our database reveals that most participants strive to comply to the daily recommended 2 fruits per day. Banana and apple are the most frequently logged food items and also mandarin and pear are present in the top 10 of most consumed foods. Our participants prefer a cappuccino over a regular coffee for their daily portion of caffeine. Not all logged food entries are healthy though, milk chocolatebeer and white wine are also present in the top 10.

Glucose response
We measure your body’s response to food with a glucose monitor. Several other activities can cause an increase in blood glucose concentration as well. Common examples include exercise and stress, but also excitement as one of the participants reported a glucose peak after watching a breathtaking movie (‘**1917**’). Yes, sometimes nightly sport activities can affect your blood glucose level. As you can see, blood glucose peaks are not always bad…

Glucose concentration per day
On average, lowest blood glucose levels are observed in the middle of the night (around 4 AM). Highest glucose concentration is measured often after lunch (around 12.24 PM). In addition, we noticed that participants like to sleep in 1 to 1,5 hours in the weekends, due to the later increase in glucose levels on these days. Finally, the data reveals that participants often spike on Sunday afternoon (possibly because of that ‘bitterbal’ combined with drinks) and spike in the night from Saturday to Sunday (probably some night snacks are consumed now and then ?)

Clear. helps to understand your body’s unique response to food by measuring your blood glucose concentration. A healthy lifestyle is important, especially during this period of Corona-lock-up. You can joint Clear. Nutrition program fully remote (and on a safe distance). 

For more information on the Clear. Nutrition Program go to []( or take a deep dive in our Knowledge Base.

If you have any questions, let us know. We are there for you and for your health.
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