Based upon your blood glucose levels, we determine which foods are good for you, and which ones bad. The ‘worst’ foods on the list have the highest likelihood for gaining weight and getting fatigued (like the infamous after dinner dip).

We calculate the score of the foods with our own proprietary algorithm, which is based on an Incremental Area Under the Curve method (iAUC). In short, this means the larger the area you can fill below the blood sugar line, the worse the food item in fact is.

Besides this, we also take into account the height of the peak: higher than 8.0 mmol/L is being flagged as not good for you.

These data will be fed back in a Glycemic Table, sent to you after completing the program. We make use of a traffic light system: green is good, orange with moderation, and red is better to avoid.

Disclaimer: let's say your favorite apple pie is in fact a good food (low score in your Glycemic Table), this doesn't mean you can eat all the apple pie you want (    ). It simply means, this is a snack or treat that is safe to consume every now and then. There are very little nutrients like vitamins and minerals in apple pie.

Please see below a couple of images visualizing the iAUC method of calculating your foods.

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